Friend making blockchain credit investigation, disruptive social innovation

Break through encryption methods such as asymmetric keys to solve information security bottlenecks, and improve decentralized platform operations to protect users' free rights and content quality.

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A Platform for Find True Love

In modern times, people generally use social software to broaden their circle of friends and get to know people in different fields to increase their knowledge. However, most applications in the online social market today have three core shortcomings.


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Token Distribution

initial distibution

  • 15% Build Up Team
  • 50% Market Investors
  • 25% Branding & Marketing
  • 10% Bounty
Sale breakdown

Token Sales Contribution

  • 40% HR & Development
  • 30% Branding & Markting
  • 20% Posiblle Buyout
  • 10% Legal Advisory
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Frank Book


William Jordan


Bill Blair


Ander Burns

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